‘OUR GOVERNMENT IS A BUST’: Americans weigh in on fight to elect speaker of the House

The bitter fight over who will serve as speaker is making some Americans doubt Republicans’ ability to lead the House of Representatives.

‘I think it’s pretty clear proof that they are unable to govern effectively if they can’t even govern their own party,’ one man in Austin, Texas, said.

Republicans secured a 10-seat majority in the House of Representatives after the midterms, but divisions within the party were on display as lawmakers returned to Washington this week. Going into a third day of voting, Republicans have failed to select a speaker of the House.

‘Our government’s a bust,’ Derek said in Washington, D.C. ‘I think this government all our lives has been just totally wrong. Not … working for the people.’


‘OUR GOVERNMENT IS A BUST’: Americans weigh in on fight to elect House speaker Video

But Greg told Fox News ‘a little conflict’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

‘Based on past two years, I think that whatever Republican is in the lead chair will be a benefit to all of us and make this a better nation,’ he said.

Judy said she hopes the Republicans will govern more conservatively, but she doubts either party will tackle out-of-control spending.

‘I feel that there’s so many of them that just spend our money like it’s water,’ she said. ‘And we have got ourselves in such a box with spending constantly.’

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